Foodie Tuesday: Homemade Ice Cream Away from Home

Sometimes, you just really want your mom (or ice cream, but more on that later). Even as twenty-year-old, independent woman, there are times in my life when all I want is my mom…especially when it’s 6:45 am on a Friday morning and she texts me not to go outside because, oh I don’t know, there’s a citywide manhunt going on. (Oh, you don’t wake up to texts like that from your mom? You’re really missing out…)

All joking aside, Friday morning was filled with fear and uncertainty for all Bostonians, including my suitemates and myself. We turned on the news at seven am and didn’t really turn it off until ten that night. In the early hours of the morning, as we tried to piece together all the events of the night before, I could tell that everyone was upset…and hungry.

A few of my friends back home had texted me to make sure that I was okay (who knew I would have to affirm my continued existence twice in one week?), and one of them asked me if, because I was vegan, I had enough food. (In accordance with the city’s “stay in place” orders, Emerson College was also under lockdown.) Actually, I was better equipped for the “stay in place” order than some of my other suitemates because of my vegan diet. I had a ton of vegan snacks stored in my room, some of which just happened to be just what I needed to make vegan chocolate ice cream. Even though we all knew that we were in the safest place possible, I could tell we were all in need of some (healthy!) comfort food. I told my friends that I was going to make them some vegan ice cream, and not only were they on board with the idea, but they were actually pretty excited about it.

This is what ice cream looks like when you don't have a scooper to make it pretty. #dormstruggz

Check out that chocolately goodness!








We didn’t actually get to have the ice cream until later that night (you have to soak those cashews for four hours, and then freeze the whole mixture), but it certainly hit the spot with all my omnivore friends. Even though they had watched me turn cashews into creaminess, they couldn’t believe how good it tasted. At the end of a long, but ultimately triumphant, day, it was just what we all needed.

Everyone loved it...except for Brian. (He actually did like it a lot; he was just trying out his model face for the camera.)

This simple recipe was a bright spot on an otherwise horrible day, so tell me, what recipes are so easy and delicious that they can turn your day around?

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