My Meatless Life: Organizing An Entrepreneurial Life

By Ayinde

I have a lot of stuff on my mind these days. As an entrepreneur, organization is key, and so the only way I can tackle everything on my plate is to put together a day plan for myself. This not only keeps me organized, but also self-motivated.

When working from home it’s super hard to focus because your bed is merely feet away and the interwebs is always a click away… calling me.

I have been slacking a bit, so I have been trying to come up with a recipe for productivity.

The first thing is motivation. Something has to drive you forward. Whether it’s paying the rent on time, or saving up for a new car, a new baby, new house, or trying to get a new girlfriend, it’s gotta be something.

My goals are many of the aforementioned,  primarily transitioning ieatgrassdotcom from blog to sustainable and highly profitable company. From what I can tell and what I’ve researched and what has worked thus far for me, my recipe for productivity is the following:

1. Keep the same schedule as much as possible. (Yes I’m talking to myself. )
2. Build a team and interact with them. We have a cloud office here at ieg but the worst part is we are all in different cities. Google hangouts to the rescue! ( I know right?) I’m a team oriented person and this does wonders.
3. Completion. I have several projects open now and that is causing a lot of anxiety. I can handle it, but the fear of having never-ending projects is real. The solution is partnering up with team members on a project and having goals and deadlines.
4. The future, always plan for the future. Because after these projects wrap, the only thing worse that having too much is not having anything to do.
5. Watch for the parlay. A lot of times in life and business there is an opportunity to parlay, meaning link possible winning opportunities together for one big win. And one big move forward.

All in all, it’s tough out here for an entrepreneur, and I find myself reminiscing about the days of my Manhattan Executive Chef paychecks. However, I know this is temporary and I hope that I can provide some helpful tips for those coming up behind me.

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One Response to My Meatless Life: Organizing An Entrepreneurial Life

  1. This is REALLY good advice and it’s right on time for me. I, too, have been trying to find a balance between starting my business, working to pay the rent, going to grad school, and attempting to have a social life…don’t even get me started on my long distance engagement! I think becoming consistent (especially with a daily schedule) will really be key to my success.


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