J.K. Rowling Pulled a JK!

How does it feel to get punked by your favorite author? It’s almost as if she’s been studying wizardry over at Hogwarts. “Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling pulled a big ol’ “just kidding!” on the world over the weekend.

Confidentially, she published “The Cuckoo’s Calling” under the name Robert Galbraith. What a sneaky-sly fox!

While the crime-novel received positive reviews upon spilling the beans, the disclosure that Rowling was the author led to skyrocketing the book’s sales.

The book had sold 1,500 copies before the secret emerged in the Sunday Times. Within hours, it rose from somewhere around the 5,000th spot to the top rank on Amazon’s Most Popular Authors list.

According to CNN.com, Rowling’s publisher, Mulholland Books — an imprint of Little, Brown and Company — described the author as a former member of the Special Investigative Branch of the Royal Military Police.

“He left the military in 2003 and has been working since then in the civilian security industry,” the publisher’s website said. “The idea for (protagonist) Cormoran Strike grew directly out of his own experiences and those of his military friends who returned to the civilian world. ‘Robert Galbraith’ is a pseudonym.”

The Sunday Times, curious about who this mystery novelist really was, connected the dots — noting that “he” used an agent, editor and publisher who had worked with Rowling

“The upside of being rumbled is that I can publicly thank my editor, David Shelley, who has been a true partner in crime, all those people at Little, Brown who have been working so hard on ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ without realizing that I wrote it, and the writers and reviewers, both in the newspapers and online, who have been so generous to the novel,” Rowling said.

“And to those who have asked for a sequel, Robert fully intends to keep writing the series, although he will probably continue to turn down personal appearances.”

According to CNN.com, Amazon.com sales soared more than 507,000% after Rowling acknowledged being the author.

Bravo, Rowling. We commend your trickery! We’ll forgive you for your little hoax if you send over a copy for The Lusty Vegan to review. How does that sound?

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