Weekend Beauty 101: Ditch Cream, Embrace Oil

Let me begin with the fact that I haven’t used shaving cream in years. Honestly, I don’t really know what that stuff is made out of… and I don’t really know why we use it anyway — not to mention that finding a cruelty-free brand is nearly impossible. Hair conditioner leaves my legs smoother than shaving cream, anyway. In fact, I’ve been using all that lotion I receive every holiday season as a shaving cream substitute for years! It’s like I have an endless supply of that stuff (cliche girl gift).

However, I recently ran out. Bummer. Good thing I have a perfectly fine container of coconut oil in my kitchen. Score… still don’t have to spend money!

Coconut oil is known to moisturize and prevent dry skin. In addition, it is said to protect, heal and repair your skin as well. Unlike typical shaving cream, coconut oil doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. When I used to use shaving cream, all the junk it contained always left my legs feeling great in the shower — but when I got out, they would feel dry and itchy.

You can even mix it with a drop of your favorite body wash! The great thing about this is that men can use it for their face too!

Using coconut oil to shave your legs is SO easy… you don’t even need a tutorial. I’m sure you get the idea.

1. Once you’re in the shower, singing your favorite tune, apply a generous amount of oil on the leg you choose to shave first.

2. Make sure your leg is lubricated enough for your razor to glide smoothly over it.

3. Shave.

4. Rinse. Repeat on other leg.

The coconut oil naturally lubricated my skin so my razor was able to easily glide over my legs. Another plus is that it’s clear! I was able to see where I was shaving to avoid nicking any cuts/scabs that I had (I’m clumsy, OK!?).

Make sure you always have a plan B. Keep oil handy. You never know when you’ll need to squeeze in a quick shave before a hot date… or if you’re just tired of having caveman legs ;)

Check back weekly for upcoming posts featuring your favorite fall must haves! Hair dye, nail polish, air fresheners… autumn is upon us!

Anything you want me to try this season? Let me know in a comment.


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