Happy World Vegan Day!

This year, 2013, has been unofficially declared “Year of the Vegan,” but today, November 1, is offically World Vegan Day! It’s also the first day of World Vegan Month, iEG’s favorite time of the year. Whether you’ve been munching grass for a while or just recently gone vegan, there’s no better time to be a veghead than now. ¬†According to World Vegan Day LA, World Vegan Day began in 1944, and it’s been gaining support every year since!

Although every day is World Vegan Day for us, this is the perfect time to encourage any of your vegan interested friends to give it a try! They can even take this vegan pledge from the Vegan Society where they can try veganism out for seven days or thirty days. If you can hack it for a month, you can do it forever. Anyone can be vegan, and there’s no better time to go vegan than today!

So, what are you doing for World Vegan Day? More importantly, what are you eating?

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2 Responses to Happy World Vegan Day!

  1. It was vegan peanut butter pancakes…all day. :)

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