Beyoncé: Fasting Selling Album Ever on iTunes and Climate Friendly

Last Friday Beyoncé surprised the world with the release of her self-titled album for digital download on iTunes. Of course, it is not a surprise on well its doing (C’mon its Queen Bey!).

So far it has been one of the most successful digital launches and has crushed the records by moving more than 800,000 electronic copies in just three days which makes it the US iTunes Store’s fasting-selling album ever! It is currently No.1 on iTunes in 104 countries and it’s only a matter of time before it takes pole position on the Billboard 200.

So what’s on the most awesome album ever? There are 14 songs which feature artists such as Jay Z (duh), Frank Ocean and Drank, and 17 videos. The videos don’t go along with the songs.

Not only is she currently a trial vegan, but Beyoncé has also become somewhat of an environmentalist too. Given the amount of copies downloaded, and recent industry trends, this may well be one of the most climate-friendly major studio releases yet.

Good news if you want the ‘real thing,’ AKA physical CDs (what are those? Please remind me…), they should hit shelves in time for stocking-stuffing.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how many she plans on issuing. What we do know is that Target has decided not to sell the CD version because of low sales projections.

This chart, from MusicTank, shows just how little energy it takes to consume a three-minute track of digital music, compare to a CD.

Research shows this digital shift is a huge win for the planet. According to the EPA, 100,000 pounds of CDs “become obsolete” – either outdated, useless or unwanted every month. Beyonce, thinking like the new environmentalist she is now, is saving 40%-80% in greenhouse gas emissions by having a digital CD.

We give you major props Bey!

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