iEG Crush: COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies

Of all the non-dairy milks, coconut milk may be the most controversial because of its distinctive taste. Personally, I’m pro-coconut milk, so I could not have been more excited to try Soyummi’s new line of COGO coconut milk smoothies. I recommend these smoothies to both coconut milk lovers and haters because the lovers will be in creamy coconut heaven after the first sip, while haters may find themselves won over to the coconut camp.

COGO coconut milk smoothies come in six flavors: vanilla, dark chocolate, chai, cappuccino, strawberry, and mango. No matter what the flavor, all the smoothies shared a smooth texture with just the right amount of thickness. Of course, they don’t just tickle your taste buds; they also nourish your body. By combining coconut milk with quinoa and millet flours, COGO smoothies are not just a great source of healthy fats but wholesome fiber as well.

I liked each of the smoothies so much, I’m not even sure which flavor was my favorite. It came down to a tie between Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. I was surprised by how much I liked the vanilla flavor, simply because I usually find vanilla flavored drinks a bit boring. Vanilla, however, when combined with the coconut milk mixture of the COGO smoothie perfectly complemented each other. I took one sip and had to take a step back because I was so surprised by how delicious it was. The vanilla flavor was neither overly sweet nor coconuty, and it certainly wasn’t plain tasting. Once I had a taste, I consciously had to stop myself from downing the whole bottle in one gulp. Luckily, I was able to snag a picture of the creamy dreamy drink before it was gone forever.

Dark Chocolate gave Vanilla a run for its money because it was like drinking the most delicious (and way more nutritious) chocolate pudding. The dark chocolate’s texture was thicker than the other flavors, which made any already luscious flavor more perfect. I drank the dark chocolate flavor as a post workout snack, and I have never experienced a more delicious and fulfilling reward after exercising. Seriously, if someone gave me one of these smoothies after every one of my workouts, I would be hitting the gym three times a day.

Besides the vanilla and dark chocolate flavors, I thoroughly enjoyed the Chai flavor. This smoothie tasted just like an iced chai tea latte, but way healthier. As a chai tea latte lover, I couldn’t get enough of this smoothie. When I found out each bottle packed in the power of a full cup of green tea, I couldn’t have been happier. This flavor definitely does energize you, making it the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Unlike chai tea lattes, I don’t love the taste of coffee. I do, however, love the taste of COGO’s Cappuccino flavor. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted this smoothie because coffee is not my beverage of choice. I did really like the cappuccino flavor, because the coffee taste was evident, yet the bitterness was cut by the sweetness of the coconut milk. The cappuccino smoothie throws down the vegan gauntlet to Starbucks’ bottled frappucinos. With way less sugar but the same, if not better taste, the COGO Cappucino will wake you up and keep you going. The Strawberry and Mango flavors are more traditional smoothie flavors, but they weren’t my favorites. I liked both of them (COGO cannot make a bad smoothie), but I wasn’t as surprised by the flavors. To mix it up, I used the strawberry smoothie in place of my normal almond milk in my green smoothie. I loved the extra fruity tasting results. Of the six flavors, I liked the mango flavor the least only because I thought it was a bit too sweet. However, if I had incorporated it into a green smoothie, as I did with the strawberry smoothie, I think I would have liked it better. Both of these fruity smoothies are sweet enough to use in lieu of non-dairy milk and frozen fruit, so they’re perfect to blend with greens to get a quick burst of nutrients in the morning, or any time of the day for that matter. After trying all six flavors, I can honestly say I’ve never met a COGO I haven’t liked.

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