Fashion Friday: An Ode to Old Man Sweaters

I firmly believe you should never pay more than five dollars—ten dollars tops— for a sweater. I maintain that belief by buying sweaters exclusively from thrift stores or, if I’m lucky enough, my parent’s attic. The last time I visited my family for the holidays, I came home with two old man sweaters previously belonging to either my father or grandfather.

Thank you, Grandpa Geller!

I love old man sweaters. Living in the Boston tundra, I find myself wearing an old man sweater almost every day during the winter months. It’s the perfect way to warm up any outfit because it’s comfortable, simple, and surprisingly stylish. I pair my old man sweaters with jeans or leggings and boots, which makes it look like I took more than five minutes to put my outfit together. (I didn’t.)

Surprisingly, old man sweaters don’t just create a warm, fuzzy feeling, they also garner a lot of compliments. Many other women not only comment on them, but ask me where I got them. I always respond awkwardly with: “In my attic…” but that’s not the only place you can find old man sweaters. Luckily, there seems to be a specific section in every thrift store devoted to old man sweaters.

I picked this one up in a thrift store in Antwerp, Belgium was half off!

Shopping at a thrift store is always a good idea because it’s a sustainable shopping practice. There’s no better way to save energy and resources than through recycling clothes. I love looking for the diamond in the rough at thrift stores, and usually that diamond looks a lot like an oversized sweater with a crazy print.

So the next time you find yourself in a thrift store looking for some clothing item you may actually need, take a quick meander into the men’s section. You’re sure to emerge with an adorably unattractive sweater for cheap…because who doesn’t want to dress like an old man for the next few months?

Oh, you don’t? Weirdo.


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