Weekend Beauty 101: Original Sprout

A big thanks to our friends at Original Sprout HQ! All products are vegan, and lanolin, used in the Baby hair Balm, is from wool so the sheep are not harmed.

Our hair is a crucial factor when it comes to our appearance. Why else would we allow dead strands to dangle from our follicles? It just looks good.

Another thing about hair — it can be a pain to maintain. Not to mention expensive. Finding cruelty-free and natural products add another obstacle! Figuring out the right product for YOU? The worst. That’s when I come in.

In the past, I touched on the world of vegan hair henna, apple cider vinegar conditioner and the right DIY oil treatments for your hair. It’s about that time that I focused on a product that actually cleanses your hair!

Shampoos make up the vast majority of the hair care market since pretty much everyone uses shampoo. Other significant industry items include conditioners, styling products,
hair color, and relaxers.

According to a British survey conducted by Tresemme (not a cruelty-free product), the average woman spends a shocking $50,000 on her hair over her lifetime. Can you imagine!? If we’re going to spend that much money on hair product — or even a quarter of that amount — we better make sure it’s not funding animal-cruelty or environmental destruction.

That said, ever opened up a bottle of shampoo or conditioner and was overwhelmed by the fruity-floral scented chemicals that quickly permeates into your nostrils? AHH-CHOO!

Original Sprout uses fragrances and essential oils that are approved by the California Safe Cosmetics Program and the European Cosmetics Directive. Firs thing I observed? It doesn’t smell… but it smells good — you follow? It’s naturally unscented-scent is just liberating enough!

The fresh fragrances are safe and free of ingredients linked to estrogen and hormone disruption, autism and cancer concerns. Another plus: All products are honey-free! Some companies that have made it to the cruelty-free list have these sort of implications so it’s definitely refreshing to learn about.


The Natural Shampoo is organic and sulfate-free with added sun-protection. Organic emollients detangle which make rinsing effortless, saving time and water. What I did notice is that this product is not as sudsy as other shampoos — but it doesn’t need to be, so don’t try to overcompensate.



What’s great about the Tahitian Hair Oil is that it helps protect color-treated hair from fading and you can use it on your skin too. If you have frizzy hair — worry no more because flyaways are non-existent when  using this organic rosemary treat.

The only negative to this product is that it lacks instructions on the label as to how much product to use. Accidentally use too much and you’ll wake up with dry hair that looks like mine below…

Original Sprout offers a variety of baby-friendly products which is great because it allowed me to be able to test some product out on my niece!

I used the Scrumptious Baby Cream and my sister-in-law loved it for her little Sofia just as much as I loved using it on myself! There is no SPF in this product though which is crucial for skin protection. The best part is that it’s non-greasy so I don’t feel like I have to rush and wash my hands after or worry about being sticky and sweating it off.

Meet Sofia with the softest baby skin in all the cruelty-free land!

After test driving Original Sprout for about a month or so, I trust the products. Not only are they good for our hair and skin, but the company overall is extremely environmentally responsible. Company cars run on biodiesel and recycling is standard. Recycled shipping boxes are commonly used and skylights are built into the fulfillment center for reduced energy consumption.

Anything you want me to test out? Let me know! I love to hear feedback. Check back next week for a DIY body scrub! Stay beautiful :)



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  1. MH says:

    Oh my gosh baby Sofia is adorable!

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