Blushed, Flushed and Aggravated: Tarte bought by Animal Testers


I had a bit of a beauty heart break happen this week. One of my favorite formerly eco-friendly companies, Tarte, has been “mostly” bought by Kose`. That’s 93.5 percent bought, to be exact. If you are not familiar with Kose` then it’s most likely because they are a Japanese company that continues to test on animals and hurt our friends!

The Tarte brand has almost developed a cult following for green beauty types, natural beauty bloggers, vegans and vegetarians alike. With a tagline like “high performance naturals,” who wouldn’t try and board that band wagon?

Tarte has been a love of mine for quite sometime now. I absolutely loved the full-coverage i’d get from the Amazonian-12 hour foundation; light, breathable and perfect. The blushes came in so many beautiful shades and stayed for hours. The new lipsticks came in chic tubes and the lovely neutrals and nudes flattered any shade of beauty.

I am hoping this is all just an awful dream. I am hoping, much like I am sure you are, that they take back the majority of their company and continue to remain cruelty-free. I mean honestly Tarte, you have a “vegan” section on your site. A section designated to us beauty buffs who want to make sure none are harmed in the making of our rituals. Have a vegan section while being owned by a company who tests on animals is counter-productive.

I say this with a heavy heart, Goodbye Tarte. Goodbye, for now.

Want to get Tarte back on track? Here is a petition for Kose` to stop testing  and for us to take back one of our favorite brands!

Amarie Halley (aka SupernaturaleGirl) is a total Foodie, DIY nerd, Holistic health fanatic and is always testing out and reviewing healthy beauty and lifestyle products. Check her out at to see her videos and blogs, or find her on Instagram (#supernaturalegirl),Twitter (@AmarieHalley) and Pinterest!

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One Response to Blushed, Flushed and Aggravated: Tarte bought by Animal Testers

  1. Monica Gao says:

    Nooooo – (I use Tarte too! I actually didn’t know they were vegan until now, darn it) – this is pretty terrible news, I sure hope Kose` will listen to the masses, get its shit together, and stop testing on animals :(

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