Foodie Tuesday: Why You Should Try Chipotle’s Sofritas Like…Now

Although I’ve spent the last week eating mountains on mountains of Mexican food, I still couldn’t resist trying Chipotle’s Sofritas, which just hit Boston area restaurants. Chipotle was already pretty vegan-friendly with its fajita veggie option, but they stepped up their game in 2013 when they tested out their new Sofritas in San Francisco area restaurants. The chipotle chili and roasted poblano flavored tofu was a hit, and the restaurant chain has since been introducing the new product in waves across the country. It (finally!) hit Boston and New York area restaurants March 3, and I got my hands on some yesterday.

Although I was less than pleased about the price ($9.50 for the salad with Sofritas and guacamole), I hoped the splurge would be worth it. After the first bite, I knew it was. I really liked the Sofritas, which reminded me of the tofu or TVP one can find in vegan chili.

Overall, I thought the smoky, spicy taste perfectly complemented Chipotle’s always creamy guacamole and refreshing pico de gallo salsa. Even though I paid basically ten dollars for a burrito in salad form, I know it’s not Chipotle’s fault that guacamole is so expensive because of climate change affecting the supply, and therefore price, of avocados. (Seriously, guys, if we’re not gonna save the planet for the guac, then what are we gonna do it for?)

Kudos to Chipotle for offering this new vegan menu item, though I’m not sure it’s enough to steal me away from my love of Boloco, a Boston-based burrito company. They’ve had spicy, baked tofu on their menu for years, and it’s darn good. Chipotle’s Sofritas has a more distinctive taste than Boloco’s tofu, but they both offer interesting spice combinations. Because Boloco offers many different tasting burrito, bowl, and salad options, I don’t mind their tofu being slightly less flavorful because that makes it more versatile.

No matter where your burrito loyalties lay, the Sofritas are definitely worth a try (or two). They’re especially good with Chipotle’s guacamole, and if you’re wavering on the price, just remember: you only live once. Eat the guac while you can.

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