iEG Crush: Meet Vegan Barefoot Shoe Company: ANI (As Nature Intended)!

This week’s crush is vegan footwear company, ANI (As Nature Intended). We loved the casual, fashion-forward style of their shoes. Who’d ever guess they were barefoot?! ANI is committed to eco-friendly fashion and improving lives one step at a time. Read on to find out what barefooting is and how ANI is giving back to the community. When you’re done, head on over to their kickstarter page, and support the “All Black Everything” line, with new styles that you’re sure to enjoy.

What is ANI all about?

Our mission is to provide STYLISH, VEGAN, ECO-FRIENDLY BAREFOOT shoes to the world. 100% organic canvas and recycled packaging! We envision a world where everyone can move naturally and appear fashionable at the same time.

Society has deviated from nature, and conventional footwear is no exception. Most shoe brands obstruct the foot’s ability to adapt to the ground, forcing the foot to adjust to the shoes. Barefoot shoes allow the foot to function without the restraints imposed by conventional shoes.

ANI corrects the problems caused by conventional footwear. ANI returns us to our natural roots and enables us to be free, AS NATURE INTENDED!

What is “Barefooting?”

Barefooting is the way nature intended us to move. Conventional footwear prevents our feet from functioning optimally, harming mobility and posture. Barefooting allows the body to readjust to its natural form.

Other company’s barefoot shoes are usually not truly barefoot shoes, ours are. Just because a shoe can bend easily does not mean it is barefoot. A lot of these other company’s barefoot shoes are way too thick and most of their foot beds are not flat due to unnecessary elevations and angles that put your feet in an unnatural position. In order for a shoe to be barefoot it must have a super thin outsole that bends easily while having a flat foot bed so your feet can be in a natural position as if you were barefoot. ANI does exactly this.

How about ANI’s philanthropic efforts?
Soles4Souls collects new shoes to give relief to the victims of abject suffering and collects used shoes to support micro-business efforts to eradicate poverty. For every pair of ANI Shoes sold someone in need will get a pair of shoes!


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