My Vegan Fit Journey: Meet My Trainer

Well it’s official!! I’m 11 weeks out from my show! I can’t believe it and I have a feeling that time is going to feel like it’s moving too fast for me to make physical progress and too slow when it comes to being able to get off of my competition diet. Ha! This first week was a big adjustment for me because for the first time in my life I had to start using a (insert gasp) food scale!

Yes, I literally have to ration measure out all of my food.  It’s amazing how much of a science is involved in truly transforming your body.  I eat the same thing every single day and I just keep reminding myself that food is fuel.  I also can’t use salt as a seasoning, so hot sauce (sparingly) has become my new bff!

Me and Tina: Post Workout Selfie

The lovely woman responsible for getting me on my meal plan is my trainer Tina Claire!  The heavens did open a little bit yesterday when she said I am allowed one “cheat” meal a week during this first part of prep.  I think I literally heard trumpets playing as she uttered those words!  It’s not even that I want to go into some decadent vegan food coma, I just wanted some Thai food, something to break up the monotony which I did have over the weekend and it was divine! Ah, memories..

Moving on, in addition to my meal plan, I had my first gym session with her on Saturday and she annihilated my legs!  We did a couple of ab workouts too which were intense but we were a little short on time after legs so she didn’t have time to fully destroy those!  That session made me question every other workout I have done to date.  SERIOUSLY!  Tears were present.  Not in the dramatic crocodile tears sort of way, but in the way in which my body just reacted to the pain through pushing tears out. Like it was saying, what the heck is going on here?!

Just to give you a little more insight, the first super set of exercises she had me do was 3 sets of 15 reps on the leg press with 50lbs of weight 3 TIMES.  For any of my mathematically challenged friends, that is 135 leg presses total! Yes, you read that correctly.  She had me change my foot placement each time in order to hit different parts of the leg and my glutes.  In between each of those reps I had to do 3 sets of 20 jumping lunges.  So, those were only the first two exercise of the day on legs, we also did the butt blaster machine and weighted walking lunges.  Walking, sitting and bending have all been preceded by a prayer these last few days.

I must say that the great thing about Tina is she is super enthusiastic, energetic, motivational and completely and authentically invested in my success.  All things that a great trainer should be and I may want to curse her while I’m working out, I know I will be praising her when those results start to come.  So, here’s to the burn and those muscles growing!  Be sure to stay tuned for the progress pics that I will begin posting starting on my next entry!

Also, learn more about Tina by checking out here website here!

When Christa isn’t getting her legs destroyed at the gym, you can find her over at Veggin’ Out With Christa!


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