Update: New Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant in NYC ABC Home Grown

As I posted back in December, the three Michelin-star chef, restaurateur and business man, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, has announced that he is creating a 12th establishment in the New York City food scene.  At the time we only knew it would be strictly vegetarian/vegan but did not know where it will be or what it would be called.

Now I’m spilling all the secrets!  The restaurant will be located at 38 E. 19th St. NY, NY, (where the former Le Pain Quotidien used to be)  tentatively called ABC Home Grown and set to open this spring. Expect the vibrant flavors the chef is known for and chic decor courtesy of ABC home store’s CEO Paulette Cole.

The new 4,000 square-foot restaurant will offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes inspired by cuisines from all over the world. As for whether or not Vongerichten adheres to an herbivorous diet himself, he revealed that he opts to go meatless once a week. “The day of the week changes, but one day in the week I eat vegetarian,” he said.

There is still no exact date yet on when the restaurant will officially open up.  But keep a lookout on IEG to hear about it soon.

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