Someone said to me -“Well, if you don’t eat meat -what do you eat, grass??”  My answer; “No, I just-eat everything else.”

Here at iEG we talk about, teach and show you how to live eating, “everything else.” Here’s more info about me and the peeps who help make this community happen.

Meet the I Eat Grass Team

Editor in Chief, Executive Chef:
Ayinde Howell is a fourth generation entrepreneur, executive vegan chef, actor, musician, writer and founder of ieatgrass.com. Howell, born in a small town called Tacoma, Washington, is a lifelong vegan who started practicing yoga with his family at the age of ten. He has a background in a variety of vegan fare covering soul food, raw, and new American. It was in Seattle where he got his start as co-owner of Hillside Quickies Vegan Sandwich Shop, an offshoot of the family business. “The Shop” became a popular lunch spot know for blasting hip hop during the crowded rushes and was frequented by notable industry clients like The Roots, Saul Williams, Common, Blackalicious and the Erykah Badu when their respective tours came through town.

Currently Ayinde is a caterer, freelance executive chef and green entrepreneur consultant in New York City, NY.

Managing Editor:
Zoe Eisenberg is a writer, editor, blogger, and culinary enthusiast. She has a background in Creative Writing and Health Promotion, and studied holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. A fan of wandering, Zoe is currently based out of Hawai’i, and can usually be found exploring, writing, or making a mess in the kitchen. Visit her at www.sexytofu.com.


Elyssa Schwartz is an iEG contributor. A maniac for writing about all things vegan, she looks forward to embracing a future promoting the healthiest way of life. Somewhere in between her intern duties, writing for the university’s newspaper and teaching physical education to home schooled students, she enjoys instructing children’s cycling, yoga and other fitness classes.

Lindsay Geller is an iEG editorial intern. A sophomore at Emerson College, she originally hails from rural Pennsylvania, and will be spending her first semester in an even more rural village in the Netherlands. When she is not off making Europe regret its very existence, she can be found hunching over her computer, writing on her blog, but more likely scrolling through Pinterest.

Shadé Ibe, better known as One Vegan Fatty, is a native New Yorker who set out on a mission to convince the world that plant-based foods could, and should, still be decadent and delicious…healthiness optional! Shadé is currently working on a Master’s in Public Health, and she hopes to one day spark some positive changes in the area of school nutrition. Catch up with her adventures in vegan fattiness at oneveganfatty.tumblr.com.

Yaa Pierce is a chef, certified pre/post natal yoga instructor, entrepreneur and founder of the vegan food blog Electric Foodie. A vegan enthusiast, she teaches holistic cooking classes and seminars across the country. her classes focus on healthy living and eating on a budget. Yaa is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Morgan Dudkewitz is an iEG contributor and Journalism student in Philadelphia. She spends her time hanging out with her two kittens and attempting to explore every corner of the world while consuming as much vegan food as possible. She loves giant bowls of kale, Doctor Who, and existentialist fiction.



Andrew Johnson is an activist and engineer living in Louisville, KY. An iEG contributor, he loves cooking, bourbon, and baking, in no particular order. You can find him on Twitter and Tumblr, or at his randomly updated foodblog. If you couldn’t tell by his handles, he is a giant, standing 6’10’’ above sea level.




Callie McBride is an iEG contributor. A student, food blogger, and fitness enthusiast, she is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is currently studying Communications in New York City. Callie can be found exercising just about anywhere, gallivanting about Manhattan with a huge grin on her face, and eating the most incredible vegan fare she can find.

Christy Casusol is an iEG contributor, a woman of many hair colors, lover of all things yoga, believer in tea as a cure for anything, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Enthusiast, healthy vegan, animal rights activist, and an enabler of chaotic sober fun. She majors in psychology and plans on obtaining a degree in nutrition. You can check out her reviews on vegan beauty products here.


Stella Santana is the founder of StellaSantana.com, a life coach, blogger, singer/songwriter, and unceasing explorer of life and all the blessings it has given her. An iEG contributor, Stella is here to put you cultured Pop-Vegan peeps on to some seriously sweet tunes by ridiculously talented artists and DJs and from time to time help ya with all that other “life stuff,” since you already got the health stuff down like James Brown.

iEG Contributor Christa Shelton is a vegan health coach and blogger who thrives on helping folks discover their inner vegan.  She loves exploring new dishes and fun adventures.  She also enjoys hiking and the beach which makes her current home of sunny L.A. a perfect fit. You can get to know her more about Christa and her happenings at http://www.vegginoutwithchrista.com/.

Corrie Feld, our iEG fashionista, is an electronics company executive and blogger with a passion for all things stylish.  Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., she leads quite the blissful life with her husband, yorkiepoo and cat.  In her spare time, you can find her training for endurance events, experimenting making healthful vegan recipes, trying out NYC’s hottest vegan spots, and her favorite past time, thrifting!  You can follow Corrie and find out about everything she finds in vogue, chic and vegan at her blog www.brooklyn-bliss.com.

Featured Photographer:
Kate Echleis an Ohio-based food photographer whose work has taken her from her New York to Los Angeles to Paris. Kate’s original background is in fine art and her photography is highly influenced by her early training. When she is not in her studio or on the road, Kate can be found cooking vegan delights for her friends and family or working on her website www.katherinekellyphoto.com She has also created a blog www.lechousauvage.com, to show the beauty and artfulness of natural food.Contributing photographers:Daniel Valdez



Photo by: Anthony Two Moons


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