Ask the Vegan: How Can I Experience Textures in Meals Similar to Meat?

tofu collage

There are plenty of plant-based foods that provide a similar mouth-feel of meat. Some are meat substitutes, but there are natural, minimally processed foods that also get the job done. Let’s take a look at some of the most common varieties. Continue reading

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Ask the Vegan: Can I Still Be Vegan If…


This statement is a controversial one. There is a fine line between sticking to a plant-based diet and avoiding animal products and byproducts entirely. I am going to refer to this as the “vegan line.” Continue reading

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Ask the Vegan: How Do You Eat in Restaurants?


Contrary to popular belief, vegans can find satisfying and healthy options at non-vegetarian/vegan restaurants. While it may take some creative thinking to find vegan options in some restaurants, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Many chain restaurants offer multiple options that, with a few modifications, can be made vegan. Continue reading

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