iEG Crush: Meet Hooves Vegan Shoes


This week we chatted with London-based vegan shoe company, Hooves. We loved their passion for creating a high quality, cruelty free product that could stand up to all the leather shoes out there in terms of durability, warmth and style. The company has a KickStarter going until March 3rd (link below) and we think they deserve all the support we can give them as they launch their spring line. Read on to learn about their mission and what makes Hooves stand out among the competition. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: An Ode to Old Man Sweaters

Thank you, Grandpa Geller!

I firmly believe you should never pay more than five dollars—ten dollars tops— for a sweater. I maintain that belief by buying sweaters exclusively from thrift stores or, if I’m lucky enough, my parent’s attic. The Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: 5 Last-Minute Gifts for the Vegan Fashionista


With only five days left until Christmas, you still may be at a loss for what to get that special vegan fashionista on your list. Look no further—we’ve found the top five last-minute and affordable gifts that are both cruelty free and totally chic! Continue reading

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Trending: Beyonce’s Vegan Fashion Faux Pas


On December 3, Jay-Z vowed to stick to a plant-based lifestyle until Christmas day, adding that Beyoncé will be in this journey as well – except for her wardrobe. Unfortunately, Beyoncé is clearly missing the point. The pop megastar raised eyebrows when she was spotted Thursday wearing what appeared to be a $4,800 Christopher Kane wool-blend parka with a real fur collar and suede platform ankle boots, which in vegan terms is a double fashion faux pas. Continue reading

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Fur-down: PETA vs. Pharrell Williams


Rapper Pharrell Williams, or should we say, FURRELL made some bold statements recently in response to a situation started when he modeled fur at a press conference in September for Milan-based luxury label Moncler’s new Parisian store. Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: Cruelty-Free Nail Polish


Although I do love concocting beauty elixirs and potions in my vegan cauldron (in Halloween spirit) I’m long overdue for a product review! That said, our friends over at Piggy Paint and Beauty Without Cruelty have sent over some fabulous nail polish colors that will keep your fingernails (and little piggies) vibrant from fall to spring! Continue reading

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