Around Town: Vegan Renaissance Festival Fare

You truly have to appreciate the mastery of this creation before taking a bite.

Huzzah! There is actually more to Renaissance festival dining than the colossal turkey leg. This past weekend, the Middle Ages served us South Floridians a plethora of vegan fare! Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You: Turlock, The Documentary


It was exactly two years ago that NoCal animal sanctuary, Animal Place, discovered that a factory farm in nearby Turlock closed. Thus, 50,000 hens were abandoned and left to die without food and water. Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: In Response to the Sexual Politics of Veganism


I recently read an interesting article on the Vegan Feminist Network about the sexual politics of veganism. Now, you may be thinking, “wtf does veganism have to do with sex?” Well, that’s exactly the piece’s point. That sex and veganism do not belong together, and that by marrying them, we are hurting our credibility. Continue reading

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iEG Book Club: “We Animals” by Jo-Anne McArthur

We Animals Cover

Have you ever thought about where the chicken in your grocery store comes from? How that fur coat was made or even how those dolphins and whales feel coped up in a tiny fish bowl? Continue reading

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Best of 2014: Meatless Monday: NYC & Cauliflower Steaks Recipe

cauli + tempeh stack

Best week ever! Back on the mean streets of NYC. I got in early Wednesday before my client; I’m trying this new thing where I get there early so the hungry client doesn’t have to ask, “Where is the food?” Continue reading

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Vegan in London: London Vegan Potluck & Interview w/ Fat Gay Vegan


From the moment I landed in London, my mission was to stuff my face with every vegan British treat I could find. But where to start? Who could I turn to? The answer came to me in a Google search: Fat. Gay. Vegan. What?! Continue reading

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