Meatless Monday: The Sexiest Vegan Valentine’s Dishes

(Photo: Vegalicious)

Valentine’s day is a-comin’ whether you love it or hate it…With these recipes, you can skip out on the jacked up V-Day restaurant “deals,” and serve up some home-cooked treats that are certainly “made with love.” Continue reading

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Ask the Vegan: How Can I Experience Textures in Meals Similar to Meat?

tofu collage

There are plenty of plant-based foods that provide a similar mouth-feel of meat. Some are meat substitutes, but there are natural, minimally processed foods that also get the job done. Let’s take a look at some of the most common varieties. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Vegan New Year’s Lucky Eats Round-Up

Photo by Cookie and Kate

People around the globe have been making special dishes to bring in the new year for a bazillion years. I’ve chosen a handful of delightful recipes for you to make and share with your family. Fingers crossed that they will bring you all the luck and prosperity that they promise Continue reading

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Recipe Round-up: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes!

(photo courtesy of Vegan Richa)

I present to you a series of recipes that may just redefine your holiday season. Some recreate classic dishes while others revolutionize them, but all in all, with a few of these dishes in your arsenal, you will surely be a hit this Thanksgiving. Perhaps you’ll even convert an omni or two! Enjoy… Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Top 10 Spooktacular Halloween Recipes

(photo courtesy of Healthful Pursuit)

Being an October baby, I have a special fondness for Halloween. I am pretty sure that at least 50% of my birthday celebrations have been Halloween themed…including a few in the past five years (judge if you must! lol) Therefore, I consider myself to be the resident expert in all things spooktacular. Add to that my alter-ego, One Vegan Fatty, and I think you’ll find me qualified to present you with these tasty, fun, and at times, scary, Halloween inspired treats. Continue reading

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iEG Summer Roundup: Crowd-Funding Projects


It’s somehow September already (?!) so before I start telling you about different Kickstarters whenever they catch my eye, let me share with you iEG’s favorite crowd-funding projects of the summer! Continue reading

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