General Mills Original Cheerios Go Non-GMO: Total Victory or Total BS?


Has the food giant General Mills honestly stopped sourcing bioengineered corn starch and sugar cane for its original Cheerios? Continue reading

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Citrus Disease is Ravaging Florida Groves

Photo by Jason Henry for the New York Times

Florida’s citrus industry is dealing with a bacterial disease with no cure that has infected all 32 of the state’s citrus-growing counties. Continue reading

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New Vegetarian, Raw, and Vegan Restaurant to Open in NYC this Spring


The three Michelin-star chef, restaurateur and business man, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, has announced that he is creating a 12th establishment in the New York City food scene – and it will be vegan. Continue reading

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Tofutti Making a Huge Change in the Pizza Industry


Tofutti is looking to enter the pizza marketplace, by making their ‘Better than Mozzarella Cheese’ topping accessible in pizza chains across the country. If the plan is effective, it will make Tofutti the change-maker in dairy-free pizzaville. Continue reading

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My Meatless LIfe: Jay-Z Beyonce Vegan Check In (Video)

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 3.36.00 PM

I’m talking right to Jay-Z and Beyonce, here, people! And breaking some vegan myths too. Continue reading

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Trending: Beyonce’s Vegan Fashion Faux Pas


On December 3, Jay-Z vowed to stick to a plant-based lifestyle until Christmas day, adding that Beyoncé will be in this journey as well – except for her wardrobe. Unfortunately, Beyoncé is clearly missing the point. The pop megastar raised eyebrows when she was spotted Thursday wearing what appeared to be a $4,800 Christopher Kane wool-blend parka with a real fur collar and suede platform ankle boots, which in vegan terms is a double fashion faux pas. Continue reading

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