Weekend Beauty Binge: Naturally Luscious Lashes a’ la Vegan


The Beauty Without Cruelty vegan makeup line has packaging that pushes the cute limit and products that are far more effective than I would have ever imagined. Natural ingredients leave you looking prepped and primped without harm to our furry friends. Continue reading

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iEG Crush: Gluten Free & Vegan: Mary’s Gone Crackers…Plus a Giveway!


Mary’s Gone Crackers has put vegan, gluten free, snacks on the map. They even sell them in Costco! In fact, I was first introduced to the brand by my unsuspecting, certifiably anti-vegan stepmom. Little did she know, her new favorite snack was cruelty-free and chock full of great ingredients. Continue reading

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Science Says: This Brain Region May Be Unique To Humans


Scientists have identified a part of the brain that seems to be unique to humans. Continue reading

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Ask The Vegan: How Do You Stay Full?


How does anyone stay full? No matter what your diet consists of – a balanced and nutritiously complete meal or snack is the key to keeping your belly full and your body fueled! Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: Step Up Your Workout!


A stair workout that will get you started to achieving that bikini body you want for summer. Continue reading

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My Vegan Fit Journey: Meet My Trainer


Well it’s official!! I’m 11 weeks out from my show! I can’t believe it and I have a feeling that time is going to feel like it’s moving too fast for me to make physical progress and too slow when it comes to being able to get off of my competition diet. This first week was a big adjustment for me because for the first time in my life I had to start using a (insert gasp) food scale! Continue reading

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