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Ask the Vegan: How Can I Stay satisfied?

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I stay satisfied the way most omnivores stay satisfied—by balancing carbs, fat, and protein in meals. While protein is the most effective way to suppress hunger for an extended period, you need a proper meal interaction of protein, carbs, and fats to stay fully satisfied. Just because vegans don’t eat meat or other animal fats doesn’t mean we can’t create well-rounded meals. On the contrary, vegans are probably more conscientious about eating balanced meals because we have to be. Continue reading

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Ask The Vegan: How Do You Stay Full?


How does anyone stay full? No matter what your diet consists of – a balanced and nutritiously complete meal or snack is the key to keeping your belly full and your body fueled! Continue reading

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Ask the Vegan: What Can I Use In Place Of Meat Broth? Plus, a Giveaway!


Sure, meat lends fat to a dish, and as we all know, fat is mighty tasty. But luckily for us, there are a myriad of plant based fats that bring you a wide variety of tastes with none of the icky cholesterol. Continue reading

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Ask the Vegan: Can I Still Be Vegan If…


This statement is a controversial one. There is a fine line between sticking to a plant-based diet and avoiding animal products and byproducts entirely. I am going to refer to this as the “vegan line.” Continue reading

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Ask the Vegan: How Do You Eat in Restaurants?


Contrary to popular belief, vegans can find satisfying and healthy options at non-vegetarian/vegan restaurants. While it may take some creative thinking to find vegan options in some restaurants, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Many chain restaurants offer multiple options that, with a few modifications, can be made vegan. Continue reading

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