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iEG Crush & Giveaway: Win Wink Soap!


When the iEG crew finds out about a new (or new to us) vegan product, we just can’t shut up about it! Hence iEG Crush, where we introduce you to the companies that are the future of the vegan industry. This week, we are featuring Wink Soap, makers of natural, handmade soaps. And guess what…they are awesome enough to offer a giveaway for one of you fabulous readers! Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday: 3 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse


Make your body feel good with a three day green smoothie cleanse. Release toxins and chemicals and get your system back on track Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: Cucumber-Tomato Toner

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So basically, I woke up with a painful monster the size of a marble on my chin on Wednesday. Thanks, hormones! Weren’t you supposed to leave me alone when I graduated from high school? Anyway, this called for some major DIY remedy research. Obviously, choosing a facial treatment as this weekend’s how-to was a no-brainer. Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: Lemon Body Scrub


I’m backkkk! After an extended hiatus, this beauty blogger is back in action. Tune in on Saturdays for the latest natural and cruelty-free DIY beauty solutions made with ingredients that are already in your pantry or fridge. Ah yes, convenience at its finest. Continue reading

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DIY Beauty 101: Simple Two Step Skin Care


Isn’t it tough to find awesome products that are vegan and haven’t been tested on animals? No, no, no. Make it all at home! DIY! All of these suggestions have two steps. Done and done. Continue reading

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DIY Beauty 101: Oil For All!

teatree collage

If you’re like me you’ll do anything you have to, even if it means frying your hair, to make it perfect. Hey, I’m a girl. It’s embedded in our biology to nurture our locks otherwise it would be more socially acceptable to walk around with a buzz cut. Men, you actually got the better end of this deal; but at least we’re prettier. Continue reading

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