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Food Porn Party: Tempting Treats and Tricky Takeout

Celebrating Halloween and the Red Sox's World Series win at the same time with a pumpkin spice whoopie pie from Vegan Treats! #yolo

This week, the iEG team is serving up all treats with no tricks, unless you count ShadĂ©’s homemade stirfry which tastes as good as any takeout! Look if you dare… Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Not Yo’ Mama’s Brownie Waffles

Brownie Waffles

These are not your every day waffles. These are the kind you bring home to Mama. Seriously, if waffles had fingers…I’d put a ring on this one. So, with that said, go forth and make these bad girls. If you feel so inclined as to SHARE them with anyone… Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Raw Brownies with Cashew Cream Frosting

Raw Brownie

Our next installment in our month of raw treats is this recipe for raw chocolate brownies. I love this recipe for its simplicity (even though it looks and sounds fancy). Plus, it is sugar free and gluten free and free of everything but deliciousness. I dare you to try it and not fall in love! Continue reading

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