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Ask the Vegan: How Can I Stay satisfied?

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I stay satisfied the way most omnivores stay satisfied—by balancing carbs, fat, and protein in meals. While protein is the most effective way to suppress hunger for an extended period, you need a proper meal interaction of protein, carbs, and fats to stay fully satisfied. Just because vegans don’t eat meat or other animal fats doesn’t mean we can’t create well-rounded meals. On the contrary, vegans are probably more conscientious about eating balanced meals because we have to be. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Move Over Tofurky


When I was younger, I used to eat as little Thanksgiving turkey as I could get away with. Even when I was given the smallest piece of turkey, I still employed sophisticated strategies to avoid eating it (i.e. pushing the pieces around my plate). Since I never really liked turkey, I’m not a huge fan of Tofurkey either.

The highlight of Thanksgiving, for me, has always been the sides. From infancy, I adored stuffing and mashed potatoes. Even though I can eat solid foods with ease now, I still choose not to. This year, I’ll also be celebrating Thanks-giv-ukkah (that’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah combined), so I decided to make one my favorite Hanukkah sides, potato latkes, with a sweet twist. I got a little carb crazy with these sides, but if you’re not eating carbs on Thanksgiving, then what exactly are you doing with your life? Continue reading

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