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Food Porn Party: Chicken, Chinese, and Cheese

Give me all of the veggie chicken dosas you have. Extra onions, extra arugula, extra cilantro... extra everything! - Morgan

This week, the iEG team is going global with veggie chicken dosas, Daiya filled quesadillas, and vegan Chinese take-out! Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: Tempeh Stir-Fry… In Chicago!


My mother used to make stir-fry all the time. She would add non-traditional things like pineapple or smoked tofu for example. Though it was not authentic Chinese food, it worked for us. I created the following recipe during a brainstorming session for the creative team behind the Cocoa Butter video for my client, India Arie. I made it again here (I’m currently in Chicago) and I think it’s ready for you! Continue reading

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