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Foodie Tuesday: Homemade Ice Cream Away from Home

Check out that chocolately goodness!

Sometimes, all you really want is your mom…or some ice cream. Especially when you wake up and there’s a citywide manhunt going on. All joking aside, Friday morning was filled with fear and uncertainty for all Bostonians, including my suitemates and myself. We turned on the news at seven am and didn’t really turn it off until ten that night. In the early hours of the morning, as we tried to piece together all the events of the night before, I could tell that everyone was upset…and hungry.
I had a ton of vegan snacks stored in my room, some of which just happened to be just what I needed to make vegan chocolate ice cream. Even though we all knew that we were in the safest place possible, I could tell we were all in need of some (healthy!) comfort food. Continue reading

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