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iEG Crush: Sweet Maresa’s Vegan Macarons…Plus, A Giveaway!


Did you know that there is a National Macaron Day? Technically, it was yesterday, but if you’ve ever indulged in a French Macaron (not it’s coconutty cousin, the macarOOn), then you will probably agree that it deserves more than a day. In honor of that, I’m declaring a week of Macaron obsession, and who better to feature on iEG Crush than the creator of the almighty VEGAN macaron, Sweet Maresa?! Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Childhood Foods Revisited and Veganized

The vegan tuna helper gets its fishy taste from mushrooms and chickpeas. It's fake meat free!

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I lived in ignorant bliss for many years. My favorite childhood foods were a far cry from the vegan fare I eat now. I loved Tuna Helper, Cici’s Pizza, and Nestle Crunch Bars. Today, I know better…After much self-reflection and shame spiraling, I’ve taken three of my favorite childhood foods and veganized them. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Red, White, and Blue (and Greens!)


If there’s one thing Americans love, it’s food-based holidays. With the Fourth of July coming up, a lot of people will be breaking out their grills this weekend to celebrate. Although vegans don’t eat the traditional Independence Day fair, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take part in the fun! Here are a few ideas to celebrate red, white, and blue while still getting your daily greens! Continue reading

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iEG Crush: Yonanas!


Dessert is my favorite meal. Yep, I said it. If I could eat it all day everyday, I probably would. Cupcakes, cookies, ice cream; I love it all. Obviously I can’t eat dessert for every meal, despite my wishes. I would be the most unhealthy vegan and for the girl who writes “Weight Loss Wednesday,” we don’t want that; so, I fight off my constant need for desserts and save the treats for special occasions. If a friend bakes me a cupcake, of course I’m going to eat it. If … Continue reading

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Not Yo Mama’s: Caramelized Pear & Ginger Cup-Pie with a Shortbread Crust

photo 5

Okay, so maybe your mama never made a cup-pie in your life. I haven’t searched the all-knowing google yet, but I’m not even sure that cup-pies are a THING. Either way, they’re delicious, and I’d be happy to find out that I invented the little suckers. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: A Very Vegan Birthday


It’s my birthday, and I’ll bake if I want to. And by bake, I really mean make ice cream cake. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an ice cream cake at my birthday. It’s become such a tradition that the first thing my mom said when discussing my birthday party was, “Oh, you can’t have ice cream cake this year!” Here’s the thing: there is no such thing as “can’t” on my birthday. I can, I will, and I did do anything I want on my birthday, including eat ice cream cake. Continue reading

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