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Wellness Wednesday: DIY Home Cleaning Products

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Did you know the average home contains 25 gallons of toxic chemicals? Yeah, that’s a lot. Guess where most of those chemicals are found? That’s right, in our cleaning products! For some reason, we try to purify our homes with things that can actually harm us. To me, that just doesn’t make sense. Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: Cucumber-Tomato Toner

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So basically, I woke up with a painful monster the size of a marble on my chin on Wednesday. Thanks, hormones! Weren’t you supposed to leave me alone when I graduated from high school? Anyway, this called for some major DIY remedy research. Obviously, choosing a facial treatment as this weekend’s how-to was a no-brainer. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Soy Cheap, Soy Delicious, Soy Yogurt!


Yogurt’s a weird food to love, but I’m a weird person so it works out. I used to eat yogurt with a banana basically every day. Whether I ate it for breakfast or an afternoon snack, I seriously loved yogurt. However, after learning about the pain that cows had to go through for my daily fix, I gave it up without a second thought. Now, my yogurt and banana breakfast has been replaced by daily green smoothies. I even forgot about my previous love affair with yogurt until I came across a recipe for ridiculously simple tofu yogurt. Continue reading

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Weekend Beauty 101: Lemon Body Scrub


I’m backkkk! After an extended hiatus, this beauty blogger is back in action. Tune in on Saturdays for the latest natural and cruelty-free DIY beauty solutions made with ingredients that are already in your pantry or fridge. Ah yes, convenience at its finest. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: DIY Workout Tees

The finished product!

Lululemon and other activewear companies have super cute workout tank tops, but if you’re looking for a more sustainable and infinitely cheaper option, you can make one yourself! It’s so easy, and all you need is an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Apparel for Your Apartment


You know what’s great about moving into a new apartment? Pretty much everything. A new apartment is the chance to create a new version of yourself, or at least, that’s the excuse I’m using to buy a bunch of new stuff. (One of my new neighbors is a Bed, Bath & Beyond, so can you really blame me?) Even though I moved in a month ago, I’ve only just begun to put my trademark “Lindsay” style on my room. I haven’t done too much yet, but I have some big plans. Is my apartment going to become one big Pinterest experiment? You bet it is. Continue reading

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