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Music to Make You Cooler: Michelle Obama- First Lady and Rap Star?


In honor of the one-year anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign, Michelle Obama is teaming up with Partnership for a Healthier America to make a rap album. Continue reading

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WildFlower-NYC’s First Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant is ON!

In just over 1 year, I have had some incredible experiences with I Eat Grass and met a ton of inspiring people. Last night, was the cherry on top.  We made our Kickstarter goal!!  NYC’s first vegan pop-up is real.  We are setting up a temporary restaurant at Broadway East and for a few days you can feast on some of the best vegan fare this side of the Mississippi.  How did we hit that $17K target? YOU!  I can honestly say that this is your restaurant.  From the supportive … Continue reading

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Morgan Spurlock: The greatest TED Talk ever sold

Morgan Spurlock first made waves in the industry with his 2004 film Super Size Me where he took on the fast food industry and openly questioned why we eat the way we do in America.  His new film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold  he tackles brand sponsorship and how it influences pop culture. In his TED talk Spurlock discusses his career and motivation to make films that make us take pause and actually think.  

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Meet DJ I-DEE- Artist & Vegan

dj_id Crop

Isaac Delima, also know as DJ I-DEE is a Washington DC native, vegan, and talented artist specializing in the endangered art of scratch music. Continue reading

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Mike Tyson Pontificates on Veganism and Drugs

Mike lovin’ on a pigeon. Like a Phoenix rising from ashes… I give Mike Tyson credit.  Somehow he always finds a way to remain relevant.  The man who once noshed angrily on a competitor’s ear is now a full on vegan.  Who better to combine an anti- drug message with a pro vegan message?  Mike was on Access Hollywood earlier in the week and this clip made me laugh out loud.  Sometimes experience is the best teacher.  As Mike says, “There ain’t nothing like a fat crackhead.”  You right, Mike.  … Continue reading

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This American Life- The Onion

My view in 1985.iPhone, Blackberry, laptops, Nooks- there are endless ways to keep you engaged and entertained throughout the day.  When I rewind to my childhood, much of the time that I spent with my grandfather involved the radio.  Unlike children of today, we didn’t have a choice in the car.  If talk radio was on, it was on for the entire car ride and you better be payin’ attention.  When I want to go back to that space of just listening, I turn on This American Life.  Although I … Continue reading

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