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Hawaii Proceeds to Ban Plastic Bags


Major kudos for Hawaii, the state that has already banned GMOs is now the first state to ban plastic bags. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Thrift or Treat

On my own...and loving every second of it!

Halloween is a week away. If you don’t have your costume yet, stay away from the traditional party stores. That may sound crazy, but you can get more sustainable, more cost-effective, and possibly more creative from other sources. Continue reading

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Back to School: Eco-Friendly Dorm and Apartment Staples


Whether you’re a freshman or an upperclassman, there’s no better time to go green and no better way to do it than through your dorm room! Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: 7 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Bags for Back to School


1. Baggu Backpack $42.00 Made out of recycled cotton canvas duck, this backpack comes in various colors with matte silver hardware. It even has a hidden side zipper pocket where you can put your cell phone, which can be easily accessed when the backpack is worn. The top flap closes with a tuck clasp, while the bottom boot is reinforced, and the seams are taped for added durability. 2. Kasum Backpack from Looptworks $48.99 By re-using the world’s pre-consumer excess, Looptworks keeps tons of textile waste out of landfills. This backpack is … Continue reading

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Pop Culture: H&M Gives Back


We all love cheap, cute clothes…at least for a little while. However, because low prices usually mean low quality, we’re quick to throw away garments after some wear and tear, which ends up creating a lot of material waste. H&M is combatting this with their new I:Collect bins. Continue reading

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Why World Water Day Matters

Water, essential to good health and our existence on this planet.  With close to 7 billion people calling the Earth home, we need a lot of water to keep this thing going. Industry, agriculture and daily household use drain our resources and make it difficult to keep up with the demand.  According the World Health Organization (WHO) 1 in 3 people are affected by water scarcity, unable to met his/her daily needs due to lack of water.  The UN General Assembly named March 22 World Water Day back in 1992 … Continue reading

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