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Meatless Monday: Best Ever Crunchy Nut Quinoa Vegan Granola

quinoa granola1

I have DIY’ed so many things, but for whatever crazy reason, granola was something I shied away from…it seemed too complicated. Boy, was I wrong! The key to good granola is sourcing a bunch of fun, complimentary ingredients. The top secret is that you can achieve a delicious granola with simple components. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: My Top 4 Vegan Mistakes

If only someone had given me this back in the day...if only.

I didn’t know what nutritional yeast was, but in my blissful ignorance, I figured I’d know it once I saw it in the grocery store. Standing in the baking aisle, my thought process went something like: “Well, there’s nutritional value in all yeast, right? Which one is the most nutritious? I don’t know. I’ll just pick that one.” So I ended up getting 1/2 cup worth of yeast packets (which is like NINE packets)… Continue reading

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