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Foodie Tuesday: Your Perfect Post St. Patty’s Day Cure


Admit it, you probably over indulged this past weekend. I know I did, and my liver’s definitely in need of a detox. After a weekend of seeing green, I think it’s only fitting that the cure be something green as well. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Top 10 Vegan T-Shirts


Nothing says, “I’m Vegan,” like a graphic tee. Here’s my pick for the top ten shirts to let the world know you eat grass! Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Zucchini Linguini


Zucchini was one of my least favorite vegetables, until I started using it in place of pasta. (My relationship with pasta, on the other hand, has always been one of tender love and texture.) With all of its health benefits, zucchini is obviously something we should all incorporate into our diet, but not all of us like to eat it straight. If you’re one of these people, a spiralizer is your miracle solution. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Strange Kale Love


love kale. (I know every vegan says that!) However, it’s easily one of my favorite foods. But we haven’t always had this relationship. Up until I went vegan four years ago, I had no idea what kale was. Just had never heard of it. Continue reading

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Kale Matters


I like my kale like I like my men—simple, satisfying and easy. Continue reading

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