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iEG Crush: Meet Hooves Vegan Shoes


This week we chatted with London-based vegan shoe company, Hooves. We loved their passion for creating a high quality, cruelty free product that could stand up to all the leather shoes out there in terms of durability, warmth and style. The company has a KickStarter going until March 3rd (link below) and we think they deserve all the support we can give them as they launch their spring line. Read on to learn about their mission and what makes Hooves stand out among the competition. Continue reading

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Vegan in London: London Vegan Potluck & Interview w/ Fat Gay Vegan


From the moment I landed in London, my mission was to stuff my face with every vegan British treat I could find. But where to start? Who could I turn to? The answer came to me in a Google search: Fat. Gay. Vegan. What?! Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: A Vegan East London

East London

By Shade Two weeks ago, I moved back to NYC after a six month sabbatical in East London. Initially planned out as a “trial marriage” for my long distance fiancĂ© and I, this trip turned into a completely life changing episode of self-discovery. I was totally eat-pray-loving it up! I was already “One Vegan Fatty” before I went to Londontown, but I clearly leveled up a few times while I was there. After volunteering several times as a baker for The Hornbeam Cafe, they commissioned me as their cake supplier. … Continue reading

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