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Update: New Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant in NYC ABC Home Grown


New NYC vegan/ vegetarian restaurant opening this spring on 38 E. 19th St. Continue reading

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No Pants No Problem! New York City Hosts its Annual No Pants Subway Ride


Last Sunday New York City had it’s annual No Pants Subway Ride. Continue reading

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Cookies and Jam! Vegan Bake Sale at Gristle Tattoo

cookies & jam

Hey friends! So in case you didn’t know, April 20-28 is the official week of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. This fun, yummy global event raises money for a variety of causes, by simply selling sweets! Because, you know, everyone loves cake. Continue reading

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Vegan Ink: A Love Affair with Williamsburg’s Gristle Tattoo


Nothing could be more ironic than a vegan getting a tattoo touting their plant-based status…in non-vegan ink. Even the most dedicated tofu slingers may not realize that there is such a thing as a non-vegan tattoo. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Ballet Barre

NYC's Flywheel Sports offers FlyBarre sessions as a form of body sculpting.

After trying my hand at bootcamps, pilates, and meditative yoga, I’ve been eager to learn about the Barre technique that is responsible for the grace and poise of so many incredible dancers, not to mention their killer bodies. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday: Be Social While You Sweat


Combine your love for socializing with your “I have no time!” attitude toward exercise, get outside, and jump on the “social exercising” train. Continue reading

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