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iEG Crush: Sweet Maresa’s Vegan Macarons…Plus, A Giveaway!


Did you know that there is a National Macaron Day? Technically, it was yesterday, but if you’ve ever indulged in a French Macaron (not it’s coconutty cousin, the macarOOn), then you will probably agree that it deserves more than a day. In honor of that, I’m declaring a week of Macaron obsession, and who better to feature on iEG Crush than the creator of the almighty VEGAN macaron, Sweet Maresa?! Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: Cheesed Out in Paris

cheese head

You can’t just go into a Parisian cafe and ask for some soy brie. I wish you could, but it simply isn’t done. I have a passing knowledge of French, but even if I could make such a request in a grammatically correct way, it would not make sense culturally. Dairy is so inherent to French cuisine, hardly any meal, even a salad, is made without it. So what’s a vegan to do in such a cheese-loving society? Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: 5 Packing Tips from Paris!


I’m supposed packing right now, but I’d rather write about my unadulterated loathing of it instead. Frankly, the only reason I dislike packing is because I’m not good at it and apparently I don’t even know how! Continue reading

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Beach Bod Goddess: The Traveling Chapters


Europe, it’s been real, but it’s just about time for me to come home. Continue reading

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