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iEG Crush & Giveaway: Win Wink Soap!


When the iEG crew finds out about a new (or new to us) vegan product, we just can’t shut up about it! Hence iEG Crush, where we introduce you to the companies that are the future of the vegan industry. This week, we are featuring Wink Soap, makers of natural, handmade soaps. And guess what…they are awesome enough to offer a giveaway for one of you fabulous readers! Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: In Response to the Sexual Politics of Veganism


I recently read an interesting article on the Vegan Feminist Network about the sexual politics of veganism. Now, you may be thinking, “wtf does veganism have to do with sex?” Well, that’s exactly the piece’s point. That sex and veganism do not belong together, and that by marrying them, we are hurting our credibility. Continue reading

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Fur-down: PETA vs. Pharrell Williams


Rapper Pharrell Williams, or should we say, FURRELL made some bold statements recently in response to a situation started when he modeled fur at a press conference in September for Milan-based luxury label Moncler’s new Parisian store. Continue reading

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Compassionate Rapper: An Interview with Vegan Boss

vegan boss 1

I recently had the pleasure of chatting it up with very up and coming rap artist, Vegan Boss! His music is definitely in the ears of many within the vegan community, even catching the attention of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. His music is now starting to make its way into the mainstream as he’s currently working on a new project. Continue reading

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12-Year-Old Protests SeaWorld Float


If you saw Blackfish (and who didn’t?), then you probably also saw SeaWorld’s float in the Thanksgiving parade, and you probably didn’t like it. Rose McCoy, a 12-year-old girl from Tribeca, did more than disapprove. She climbed the barricade and jumped into the middle of the parade to stage a one person protest. For a glorious thirty seconds, McCoy chanted “Boycott SeaWorld” and waved a sign that said the same before police brought the young activist back to her mother. Continue reading

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Wait, Bill Clinton Isn’t Vegan?


Next time you see Bill Clinton walking down the street, don’t give him a high-five for being vegan, ‘cause he’s not. Continue reading

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