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Foodie Tuesday: Why You Should Try Chipotle’s Sofritas Like…Now


Chipotle’s Sofritas (finally!) hit Boston and New York area restaurants March 3, and I got my hands on some yesterday. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Investigating Vibrams

They're also good for tree climbing :)

Vibrams FiveFingers set themselves apart from other shoes because they are shaped like a foot. Continue reading

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My Meatless Life: The Butler


I went to see the Lee Daniels’ film, The Butler, over the weekend not really expecting anything in one way or another. I was not only entertained, but surprised. It’s a complete pivot from Lee’s previous darker films like Precious, which is still giving some people nightmares. Continue reading

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iEG Crush: The Vegan Vine + Recipe Alert!

Vegan Vine Wine Cab and Red Blend - The Duo Dishes

I want to start off this review by letting you know that I am writing it dressed in my finest clothes and sipping on said wine. Okay, no I’m not, I’m actually sitting in pajamas writing this from my bed! I just want you to imagine the former is what I’m doing, for ambience sake. I mean we are speaking about wine here! Continue reading

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iEG’s Vegan Guide to Philly!


I’ve lived in Philly for about two years now and before that, I was always driving to the city from Delaware to hang out with friends, go to shows, or of course, just get food. While it doesn’t top hip cities like Portland or Seattle in terms of vegan friendliness, I think we’re doing just fine here. Continue reading

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Music that (Made Me Cooler) NaS- LIfe is Good!


I had no idea who NaS was but I was in love with Lauren at the time so I said who? “T” and the other guys who hung out at the record store all the time looked at me strangely You know, NaS illmatic? “NY state of mind??” Continue reading

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