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iEG Crush: Meet Vegan Barefoot Shoe Company: ANI (As Nature Intended)!


This week’s crush is vegan footwear company, ANI (As Nature Intended). We loved the casual, fashion-forward style of their shoes. Who’d ever guess they were barefoot?! ANI is committed to eco-friendly fashion and improving lives one step at a time. Read on to find out what barefooting is and how ANI is giving back to the community. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Harnessing the Power of Harem Pants

I chose to pair a flowy crop top with my harem pants, as well as a light blue colored bandeau. Like my crop top, my bandeau was a solid color.

iEG’s founder, Ayinde, fondly refers to harem pants as “hampster pants.” Until I had a pair of my own, I completely agreed with him. However, after I kept seeing other women wearing them, I thought I’d give harem pants a chance.

It’s the best fashion decision I’ve ever made. Continue reading

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Why I Love Jivamukti Yoga (And You Might Too!)

jiva couple

You may all remember my post about how hot yoga changed my sex life, but I’ve found a new-to-me type of yoga that’s changed more than just my sex life—it’s basically life altering. There are so many things I love about Jivamukti yoga that I don’t think it’ll all fit in one post. I’m going to start with the most obvious reason I was drawn to Jivamukti. Jivamukti style of yoga was built largely on a sanskrit phrase “Lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu” or “may all beings should be free from suffering Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Roaring Twenties Take Over?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve heard about the new Great Gatsby movie. Whether you’re jazzed about Baz Luhrmann’s newest creation or, like Fitzergerald himself, are disillusioned by the Jazz Age as a whole, you can be sure that this movie is going to make a statement in and out of theaters. From what I’ve seen walking down Boston’s famous Newbury Street, the fashion of the twenties will be roaring into everyone’s wardrobes this season. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Return of the Prodigal Jean Jacket


A lot of today’s clothing like crop tops and leggings nod toward a pre-millennium style, but the biggest trend that is back with a vengeance is the jean jacket. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Playing With Prints


Don’t be afraid of prints; embrace them! You’ll feel instantly stylish and interesting in opposition to your grey-hued hesitant peers. Continue reading

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