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Ask the Vegan: How Can I Stay satisfied?

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I stay satisfied the way most omnivores stay satisfied—by balancing carbs, fat, and protein in meals. While protein is the most effective way to suppress hunger for an extended period, you need a proper meal interaction of protein, carbs, and fats to stay fully satisfied. Just because vegans don’t eat meat or other animal fats doesn’t mean we can’t create well-rounded meals. On the contrary, vegans are probably more conscientious about eating balanced meals because we have to be. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: A Vegan Survival Guide to Eating Out


Like many people with dietary restrictions and/or food allergies, I’m uncomfortable in restaurants. Best case scenario: I have to ask for some form of special treatment, which the server and chef willingly give. Worst case scenario: I’m a burden on everyone everywhere on the planet in the history of time. (As you can see, I’m really good at keeping things “in perspective.”) Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Harnessing the Power of Harem Pants

I chose to pair a flowy crop top with my harem pants, as well as a light blue colored bandeau. Like my crop top, my bandeau was a solid color.

iEG’s founder, Ayinde, fondly refers to harem pants as “hampster pants.” Until I had a pair of my own, I completely agreed with him. However, after I kept seeing other women wearing them, I thought I’d give harem pants a chance.

It’s the best fashion decision I’ve ever made. Continue reading

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Foodie Tuesday: A Juice Barista’s Pro Guide to Juicing


I don’t want to brag, but I recently landed my dream job. Not my dream career, mind you, but my dream job. I currently work as a barista in a raw, organic, and vegan juice and smoothie stand, and I absolutely love it. Not only that, but I’m actually pretty good at it. I’ve learned a lot about the art of juicing, so I’m passing on my top five advanced tips and tricks. Even if you consider yourself a juicing pro, you still might learn something from my guide. Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Beat the Heat in Style

chiffon shirt

We all romanticize summer— until we’re actually in it. By the time July rolls around, you pretty much know what it’s like to sweat through all of your clothes. Still, the overwhelming heat and humidity doesn’t have to ruin your summer or your favorite outfits. Here are five tips to help you pick the best clothes to beat the heat. Continue reading

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Best of 2012: Weekend Beauty 101: Avocado Mask -How to


The problem I find with avocados is they tend to start going bad before I can eat them. I bring this upon myself because I buy a few at once and never get to the last one in time. I think I am in some sort of produce denial. Anyway, I have been hearing rumors that avocados work in mysterious ways. In addition to being incredibly healthy to eat, avocados are a great natural moisturizer for your hair and skin. Luckily for me, a mushy old avocado is just the trick! Continue reading

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