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Meatless Monday: DIY Hot Pockets

puff pocket 3

I planned to make a standard tofu scramble this morning. You know, a little nooch, some scallions and peppers…the usual. Then, it happened. I saw a Hot Pocket on television and starting pining away for something hot and flaky and handheld. Continue reading

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Food Porn Party: Morning Mixes, Mexican Food, and Mini Burgers

What do I do when I'm bored? Make a giant fancy breakfast for myself, of course! #bestmorningever - Morgan

This week, the iEG team is waking up with giant breakfasts, getting spicy with Mexican food, going big with mini burgers. Continue reading

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Meatless Monday: Gluten free Waffles

gf waffles

I’m guilty of being “anti-GF” at times. I chalk it up to too many disappointments in the past. Grainy cookies, chalky brownies, dry cakes…I’ve tried it all, but these? These are delightful. A bit of a lighter texture than the usual wheaty waffle, but it’s a welcome difference. Try these this weekend…smother them with fruit and agave, and if you really like yourself, mix up a mimosa to go with them! Continue reading

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DIY: An Ode to Oats


With the chilly weather comes the arrival of my favorite breakfast food—oatmeal. Continue reading

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