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iEG Crush: Meet Vegan Publishers..Plus, A Giveaway!


This week we caught up with Casey Taft, who founded Vegan Publishers in 2013 with wife, Christen Mailler. Joined by a team of budding vegan superstars, they have been steadily carving a place for themselves in the publishing world. Read on to find out what they have in store for the new year and why it was so important for them to create a space for vegan authors to shine. Continue reading

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Tips for Vegan Teens Living with Omnivores

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So you have gone vegan, hmm? Awesome! But maybe your parents aren’t too thrilled. Whether you’re in high school or home from school for summer, here are a few tips to help you navigate. Continue reading

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Tips for Omnivorous Parents Raising a Vegan

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So you’re raising a vegan? Lucky you! Your child is already thinking outside of the box. Whether your kid is five or fifteen, here are a few tips to help you live harmoniously. Continue reading

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Vegan in: Massachusetts


Erin Michaud is a breastfeeding counselor and mother of two living in central Massachusetts. Continue reading

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