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Ask the Vegan: What Can I Use Instead of Milk?


For the sake of not boring you senseless with rhetoric about why it is unethical to burden cows with milk production, or invoking nausea with the pus-laden details of dairy, I am going to assume that you already know it’s a bad option, and that is why you are here looking for pointers… Continue reading

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Best of Foodie Tuesday: Childhood Foods Revisited and Veganized


After much self-reflection and shame spiraling, I’ve taken three of my favorite childhood foods and veganized them. Continue reading

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The Vegan Stoner Cookbook


The Vegan Stoner is one of my favorite vegan cooking blogs. The recipes are so simple and I can follow them without having to deal with strict measurements. It’s a lot of “throw in a handful of kale and some turmeric” instead “measure out ½ cup of this, 1/3 cup of that, blah blah blah.” I never listen to anyone, not even my favorite cookbook authors. Continue reading

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